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    Selected Text and Page Navigation

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      Have a document that has several artboards in it. (kinda like a multipage document). Each page is similar, but some of the text boxes has variations from page to page. So if I am zoomed in on page 1 to one text box and I select some text, using the type tool, and then hit SHIFT-page down (or page up) to go to the next page, it won't. Switch to a different tool, and it works.


      WHY? Why can't I use a keyboard short cut to jump to another page while in the type tool mode? I don't want to take my hand off the keyboard or move the mouse.





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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Shift Page shortcuts are not coming from the keyboard shortcuts panel. When I try to enter them says ai cannot use that, searching with artboard  was no help either. Tried making an action, btu unfortuantley that did nto work either. I also chcked the system Preference for Keybaord, and could nto find the keyboard shorcut coming fomr there either.


          In summary uopu can use home and end while inside text and the I beam is flashing, btu not page up or page down. That seems to be a hidden comand for goingf to next and previous artboard, so that will lwork without any text on the page.

          Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 2.13.40 PM.png