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    How to create a white back ground for Jpeg image to upload on various webites

    RC in Ohio

      Hello, I have Photoshop Elements 11. I designed a book cover with Microsoft Word 2010 and saved the file as a Pdf. I want to upload an image of this book cover to various web sites that require a Jpeg image and the book cover has to cover at least 85% of the image and require a pure white back ground. Pixel size can be 1,000 or more. Can somebody help me? I did go to the library to get reference books but, I can't ascertain from these books how to do this. I am a beginner to Photoshop and realize I will have to get training for future projects. Thank you very much for any information you provide to me. I wanted to upload an image from my computer to show you the book cover but there was a dialogue box that appeared saying the file was too large to upload. The book cover I designed is 8.5' x 11.0"