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    Clips keep unlinking between launches



      I'm running Premiere CS6 on multiple workstation machines connected to a central server via fiber in 3 cases and ethernet in 2. We're running on MacPros 2.66 GHtz and 2 iMacs. All of our media and projects are on the centralized storage array. When I open the same project on different machines (even on the same machine sometimes) Premiere gives me a dialogue box saying it can't find the media. I'm not opening the project on multiple machines simultaneously - only one machine opens a Premiere project at a time...it just may be a different machine each time. I have tried relinking when first launching the program and the next time I open the project the same thing happens. I have tried "skip all" which works sometimes but Premiere still has to locate all the files every time. Also, I get the same dialogue box on the next launch.


      If the path fo teh project AND the media have not changed between launching why does it still think that clips are unlinked?


      Thanks in advance for the insight,