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    Resizing a diagonal line

      I have a line that is on an angle of 15.3 degs which i want to be the width of the stage - in case the stage/browser is resized.
      I want the thickness and angle of the line to stay the same.
      I have a stageListener to execute the onResize which works.
      I have tried 3 methods within the function command, but they all have problems.

      line._width = Stage.width;
      - the angle changes depending on the size of the stage

      line._width = Stage.width;
      line._yscale = preloader._xscale;
      - the line gets thicker as it gets longer

      line._x = 0;
      line._width = Stage.width * 1.05;
      line._rotation = 15.3;
      - with this method I start the line on the stage at 0degs which is then resized and rotated, however the thickness of the line still increases as the line gets longer.

      Any ideas?