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    Black background after save


      Hey, I have problem with saved video, I make video, all is OK, I saved my video (I saved in all formats) and play but without my videos in scene -> print: http://jyxo.info/uploads/37/37338cd7e239074a2678d724a2c982c737c74824.png left is my problem, but in program is all OK:(, thnaks for help

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sorry, but your screen shot doesn't tell people a lot.


          Although it's a version prior to CS5 (aka AE 10), we don't know precisely which version of AE you use.

          We don't know if your version is fully updated.

          We don't know how you allocated memory & processors.

          We don't know about the processors in your machine.

          We don't know about your specific OS version.

          We don't know about any third-party cards in your machine.

          We don't know the amount of memory in your machine.

          We don't know the nature of the video footage you're using in your nested comps.


          Any one of them -- or a combination of them -- can be factors in your woes.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Dave said, all we can deduct from your image is at this point that you are running AE CS4 on windows 7 at an awfully small screen resolution. We know nothing about your render settings or other details, so unless you provide more info, nobody will be able to help you.