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    PE9: YouTube "Error occur during the uploading"


      I have uploaded over 50 videos to YouTube using PE9 and previous versions, but now - after 4 attempts - I get the same well-worn error message: "Sorry an error occur (sic) during the uploading process. Please try again later".

      I use the Share facility that I always do and I have not installed any new software. Hunting the Forums suggested disabling anti-virus software (in my case AVG) which I have done. It is always in the final stage "Transferring to YouTube". I have shot in XP+ from my Canon Legria HFS10.

      The editing process to reduce to 10 minutes from 20 went without a hitch.

      (Previous efforts can be seen if you're desperate by hunting for Basset Hound Walkers).

      Any ideas most welcome. Should I convert to a different format? - though it has worked before. Are YouTube having problems?

      Many thanks.