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    Random icon images

    thralthamidor Level 1
      I have a set of images on the screen that is 5 x 5 rectangles. My objective is to constantly have images fade in on top of the existing images in one of these random positions. I have 200 images/movieclips that these will be pulled from.

      I figured the best way to do this would be to have 25 pre-placed instances on the screen and have the script choose one randomly and then load a random movieclip into it.

      The problem that I am having is that after it draws the first box it is not persistent, it disappears just before the next one appears. I want them to stay forever or least until that particular image is completely covered up.

      Does anyone know of a pre-existing script that does something similar to this? I will gladly pay for it. Or if someone knows offhand how to do it with just a couple images I can modify it. Thanks. -dr

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          It depends on how you are loading things, but you need to assign a unique depth for each item you add, otherwise it will replace what is already there. Look into using getNextHighestDepth()
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            thralthamidor Level 1
            Ned, thanks for the response. I am coming from Director and older flash where things were much simpler/quicker to get out. I don't have the time for more days of debugging. Any suggestions on a place to hire someone for this? Thanks. -dr
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              If you like, I can take a look at the file and see if I can work it out for you. Assuming I can, I'll limit my charges to one hour, and less if that's the case. While I don't put my email directly on these forums, if you want to send it to me you can track me down via my web site ( NedWebs )

              PS - I do not have CS4, so if that's what the file is saved as I won't be able to access it.