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    AE CS6 Multi Processiong  is a dissappointment

    lasvideo Level 4

      Its a shame that whenever I try to use MP on my Z820, it never seems to work. Very disappointing. Im getting used to ignoring it.



      I have a very simple comp consisting of 1 layer of Element 3D (which contains a OBJ sequence of simple domino shaped 3D models.)

      Then there is a floor layer, a light and a camera.


      I am using Elementary on the Element layer to create artificial shadows of the line of domino objects on the floor


      I have 2- 2687 processors with 32 hyper threads and 64 GB of ram all dedicated to AE.


      When I start the render it sits there for five minutes telling me its doing 2 out of 250 frames. No progress is seen on the timeline. I just stop it at this point since regular rendering seems faster.