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    Adjusting the pages of a spread



      First of all, sorry for my poor english.

      And now the question:

      I'm a preprinter and I work in a copy service printing books. I must create every day the book covers for those books, and I have created some indt files with the usual pages sizes (dinA4, 13x21, 15x21 and 17x24). They have composed by 5 or 3 pages (with or without flaps), because I think is more useful than 1 only pages for all the cover.

      The problem became when I change the spine widht: If it`s smaller than the indt original, it appears a gap between the spine and the front and rear covers, and if greater, it "mounts" over them, and I must realign the rest of pages, time and time again...

      I wish to know if InDesign can make automatically this realignment of pages borders. Some clients come frecuently, and their covers have logos at spine, backgrounds of plain colors, etc... that the program can move and resize acordingly with the width of pages, but nothing of this is useful if pages "mounts" or have gaps between them.


      I wait for your help. Thanks!