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    Strange Paragraph Style Problem in CS6?

    Sam-Mustafa1 Level 1

      I've been using InDesign on the Mac for years and never experienced this before.


      In a document that I've worked in before, suddenly none of the Paragraph styles work anymore.  If you click on any of them, they all change the text into 9-pt Calibri bold, left justified, with a yellow stroke.   When I double-click on the styles to look at their settings, they're all correct, but none of them can be applied anymore.  (Or rather:  applying any of them results in this strange style that I neither created nor imported, and whose existence doesn't seem to be recognized.)


      I tried manually changing the text (resetting the font, size, leading, removing the stroke, etc).  That only lasts until a style is clicked.


      I tried deleting a style and recreating it from scratch, and then applying it.  Same thing:  its paragraph style options box shows that it's correct, and yet it turns the font into that 9pt Calibri.


      I've also noticed that when I create a text frame, the default font is now something new that I've never selected before (not Calibri - but a font that I purchased some months ago and have used without trouble until now.)


      Does anybody have any idea what could cause all my styles to suddenly go haywire like this?  I've checked other documents, and they appear to be fine.  It's just this one.