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    Grayscale images invert when exporting to .PDF (maybe?)

    MisterKlaw Level 1

      Hey folks,


      I'm the lead designer for a student newspaper. We just made the move to InDesign from QuarkXpress and I couldn't be more thrilled.


      I did run into a weird problem with the .PDF process. A brief Google search didn't help.


      I created a .tiff file in Photoshop CS6 -- it was Grayscale mode with a transparent background. Exported it with no layers, saved transparency. It looked just fine on the page.


      However, once exported, the image's colors were inverted. It looked that way in both Apple Preview and Adobe's own Acrobat. Exporting the image as a .png or a .jpg yeilded the same results. Other images exported with the same settings went just fine.


      So I figured I'd just invert the image in Photoshop and then the exported .PDF would invert the inversion, hence correcting it. It looked great.


      However, it PRINTED inverted -- the way the image came through in Photoshop and the way it looked on the page in InDesign, but the .PDF looked right.. So now I'm not sure where the breakdown happened. Why are the .PDF viewers not showing what's going to print? How can I avoid this in future issues.


      Thanks a lot!