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    What are the file name(s) for CS6 scratch data on Mac?

    nagromme Level 1

      I see people saying the file (or is it multiple files?) is kept in the HD root. I don't see anything there (I only have one drive) that looks relevant to Photoshop, even when I view invisible files. Anyone know where the file is, and what it's named? Is it invisible?


      The reason I ask is that I want to exclude it from my ongoing Time Machine backups. I'm slowly learning the various Adobe folders that I need to exclude manually. (AutoRecover, Application Support/Adobe... in fact, the bazillion CS6 folders within Applications, since I'll just restore them from Creative Cloud if I have a failure.)


      Sometimes Time Machine has been doing a big backup for reasons unknown, and I think the recent installation ogf CS6 may be the culprit.


      Thanks in advance!