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    Repeating SWFs

      I have a PPT I am going to export with Adobe Presenter (6.0). I have animations I have built in Flash Pro CS3. I use the Presenter menu to insert the Flash files, and then use the right-click > Properties on the inserted Flash to configure its variables (deactivate looping, menu).

      When I publish the PPT and test the presentation, the flash files repeat endlessly. I have Actionscript telling the Flash playhead to stop the file; this appears to be completely non-functional. I then tried having the Presenter navbar control the animation, only to get the same result. These are simple Flash aniamtions that do not contain complex Actionscripting, only basic timeline commands. I am exporting the SWFs from Flash Pro CS3 as Flash 6.0 Actionscript 1.0.

      So far I have not found a way to make the SWFs stop repeating other than to extend their timelines with empty frames for several minutes. Any help with this issue is appreciated.
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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Get Presenter 6.2 and publish to Flash 7.0. It may be more responsive to the script commands that way.

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            robva65 Level 2

            Not that this is going to help, but I'm just wondering....

            When you created the flash animation, is everything animated on the main timeline of your swf, or do you have a nested movie clip? I ask, because nested movie clips operate/function on their own timelines; and as such, simply having a stop() action on the main timeline won't be enough to prevent nested clips from looping internally on their own.

            Like I said, I doubt that my comments are going to help...but I'm curious as to what you have animated, where the actions are, and what controls you have coded to enable/disable elements on your movie's timeline.