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    How to Upload a file ?

    HarishDv Level 1

      Hi guys ,


      I am using the file upload component in a form , to upload a file.

      In the form i have set the workflow such that an EMAIL should go to the admin.


      Usually if a page (of type cq:page) is set for email notification , the link in the inbox of the the admin directly takes you to the page.


      Incase of type nt:file , the link in the inbox of the admin takes you to an intermediate HTML page with a link named upload.  And then later upon click of the upload link he is redirected to view the contents of the uploaded file.


      Kindly suggest me a way to view the contents of my uploaded file on a single click in the link in inbox.

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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi HarishDv,


          Seems like a custom implementation.  You need to provide more details with scrren shot. I am not getting the exact problem.  Might be set the mime type and verify.




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            HarishDv Level 1

            Hi Sham ,


            Please find the screen shots attached for your perusal.


            This is the page which has the form , that inturn calls a workflow to send a mail to admin.The form has the file Upload buttoCapture3.PNG

            As soon as a user browses for a file and clicks on upload button , a mail is gone to the admin.


            When we click on  the the link the page displayed is as follows , Capture5.PNG

            Now when we click on this link (upload) Only then we are redirected to the uploaded file.


            I actually should not get this page and my requirement is that , when i click on the link on the inbox , i should be able to see the uploaded file.