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    issue with audio/video sinc when importing an avi file


      noob with video editing software here, im trying to set up a lets play channel and have been experimenting with this software. i seem to have a hang of the basics but am having one issue.


      when i import the avi clip of my webcam with me talking, the video is much faster than the audio, and near the end of the video, the picture freezes on the last frame while the audio continues to the end of the clip. note this does not happen when i play the avi clip with vlc media player.


      please respond with any ideas, and i know i probably haven't supplied all the info you need so please ask for any specific info i am leaving out.


      edit: figured out the issue. apparently premier just doesnt like avi's. luckily my recording software can record as WMV as well, and they seem to work fine.