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    Problem with palette




      I am writing a script for Illustrator. I created a palette with some buttons. I like to keep the palette open while working in Illustrator.

      The problem is, that the buttons dont work. For example, I have a delete button that should delete my active selection.

      When I change the Window Type from palette to dialog everything works correctly.


      Is there a way to get this working?


      var w = new Window ("palette");

      w.orientation = "row";

      w.text = "Path Transform";

      var f = File ("/C/icons/corner-tr.png");

      var corner_tr = w.add ("iconbutton", undefined, f );

      var corner_tl = w.add ("iconbutton", undefined, f );

      var corner_br = w.add ("iconbutton", undefined, f );

      var corner_bl = w.add ("iconbutton", undefined, f );



      corner_tr.onClick = function () {