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    system freezes after installation of version 11.5.502.149


      WindowsXp, Firefox, Flash player 11.5.502.149 - I have made 2 attempts to load latest version; both times when I have restarted my system Windows will only load to Wallpaper and then stops- I waited for atleast 30 minutes - no program icons, no taskbar etc,  Have used safe mode to uninstall flash player, did registry fix, have used system restore, still will not load. Did chkdsk - no apparent disk problems - but then after attempting to restart several times after long wait finally loaded. System will now restart, but as this happened after installation of flash player 2x I am unwilling to retry. - and now can not reload older version of flashplayer.   - have recently installed other program updates and have not had system freeze so do not think it is a general installation problem. Any ideas? 



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          janetaf wrote:


          can not reload older version of flashplayer.

          Why not - what happens when you try?


          P.S. you can download any previous Flash Player version from http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html

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            Another P.S. even if you reinstall 11.5.502.146, it will eventually update to 11.5.502.149 via automatic background update.  You will have to disable automatic updates if you don't want them.


            On the other hand I have updated several XP and 7 machines today, and I did not experience any such problem.

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              Trying to install an older version I got a message something to the effect that a newer version is available and program does not install. By hunting around the support areas on Adobe I did find a page that noted that if for some reason the new version did not work an older version was archived and a link.. so I did find an older version that would load.. of course I had to find a Zip program to unzip the file and it did try the same message ... there were 2 unzipped versions - only one worked but I do now have a working version albeit of Flash Player.


              I googled for WindowsXp freezing and found a number of bulletin boards/forums that discussed solutions - which were pretty much what I did. Typically it happened after installing a new or updated program. No reasons were mentioned as to why or what was happening and the solutions of starting in safe mode, uninstalling, restoring, chkdsk are all sort of hit and miss... if one doesn't work try another... with the final solution being reload windows.. of course my version came installed and I don't have a backup disk so I imagine that would be another day or two of  total frustration... so I guess I will avoid trying to update the flash player as long as possible.  I have my system set up to only allow updates I have confirmed.


              Thanks for your prompt response.


              Janet Forbes


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