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    Various InDesign doubts


      Hello, I am researching various interactive ebooks systems in the market, and right now I have some doubts about InDesign. I am not sure where should I be publishing this: here or in the DPS forum, so rectify me if you must.


      1. Can I put a PDF into InDesign? I mean, can I just put it in the indesign project and make it an interactive element so it is displayed as a normal pdf on the device? If not, is there any easy way of implementing the pdf content into InDesign?


      2. Once I have the book created, where exactly is the work published? On the device's desktop as an app? Inside the newsstand / ibooks' app?


      3. Are there templates or anything similar on InDesign?


      4. Different interactive elements: animated gifs, widgets (like those created on adobe edge), external links to vimeo/youtube, fully functional google maps. What about those for indesign?


      5. If I want to send to the client the project I am developing, how do I do it? I know that with the adobe viewer content app you con preview the book, but you can't give it to the client unless he is there with you.


      Thank you for the help.

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          1. You can place a PDF into InDesign.

          2. You publish thru the DPS handing off to the Apple iTunes system that creates a folio app. If exporting an ePub, you upload your epub to Amazon Kindle portal, or the Apple iBooks portal or B&N Nook portal.

          3. No templates, but there are digital page sizes to choose from the Create New Document. Layout, to a great degree, is based on the viewing tablet pixel dimension size. ePubs have no fixed layout; their text flows. Folio apps on the Apple iPad tablet have to fit the 1024 x 768 pixel size ratio.

          4. Different interactive elements work or don't work depending on whether you are making an ePub v2, or an ePub v3, or an iPad folio app. They also work or don't work based on the use of iOS versus Android OS. They also work or don't work on specific devices. They also work or don't work based on who the publisher is: Apple, Amazon, or B&N Nook.

          5. Adobe Content Viewer can preview your project and also share to another email address to see a work in development.

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            xdominguezpukkas Level 1

            Ok, thanks.


            2. So if published through the DPS, the book would be seen as an app? Other than this, what differences are there between publishing through the DPS and as an epub? And what about publishing to the iPad's newsstand app, or the equivalent in the other devices?


            4. Is there any place where I can see what does or doesn't work on each device?


            5. How do I share it?


            6. I also have a question about the publishing fees: I have read and re-read the terms of each edition, but there is something I am not sure of. The professional edition comes with 250 or 5000 folios depending on if you pay for one month or a year. What I don't get is the following: those folios are the amount of downloads that can be offered to the market, isn't it? It if is so, if I published more than one book in a month, those 250 folios would be divided into the quantity of books I wanted to publish? How much does a pack of folios cost?


            7. There is a term about spending 0,21$ per folio in a 10.000 folio packet. What exactly does this mean?

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              All of this has been covered over and over and over again in the DPS

              forum. Please pop over there and do some reading.


              If after that you have some specific questions then fire away.



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                xdominguezpukkas Level 1

                Ok, I will do that.