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    Change pattern of date

    makeshiftmats Level 1

      Dear experts,


      we would like to give our users the possibility to change the displayed pattern of a date field in our forms by themselves, because this form will be used worldwide.


      Is there a way to change the display and edit pattern of a date field by using JavaScript?



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          Mandy_Wiesener Level 3

          You could put a radiobuttonlist on top of the first page, for example with three radiobutton (1x EUR; 1x SFR; 1xUSD)

          In the binding of the radiobuttonlist (to find about "Object" | "Binding") you change the standardbinding (0; 1; 2) to

          0 --> de_DE

          1 --> de_CH

          2 --> en_US


          And then use the following script in the change-Event of the radiobuttonlist:


          function setLocale(vNode, vLocale) {

              if (vNode.className === "field") {

                  vNode.locale = vLocale;


              for (var i = 0; i < vNode.nodes.length; i++) {

                  setLocale(vNode.nodes.item(i), vLocale);



          setLocale(xfa.form, this.rawValue);


          More local settings for other countries you will find in F1-Help.  All fields in the pdf (date, currency) will be changend to the local pattern.


          I must confess that the scipt is by another forum, but I will hope it will help you,