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    Eraser + Auto-Blend layers = problem




      I've been using "Auto-Blend layers" to edit faces in Photoshop. For example: putting Brad Pitt's face on Tom Cruise's face or something like that... However, I seem to have the exact same problem each time.


      I use the following method:


      Two layers (layer 1 = background = original person) + face of new person (layer 2 = cut out from different .psd with pen tool).

      Align faces with eachother (try to match eyes/lips/nose)

      Erase parts to make it fit better

      Select pixels layer 2

      Select "Inverse" layer 2

      Select Modify -> Expand -> 6px layer 2

      Select "Inverse" layer 2

      Delete selected part on the layer 1 with background (layer 1 original face gets deleted)

      Select both layers

      Auto-Blend Layers

      Result done


      This entire method works fine, except for the eraser part. (Erase parts to make it fit better) When I use my eraser on the new face to erase some parts that overlap the original face or something, it always turns out bad after using Auto-Blend layers. You can see parts of the transparent background -> it doesn't fit properly. This only happens when I use the eraser. When I use the entire method without fixing some parts with the eraser, it works fine but this way the face doesn't fit 100% since certain details don't match.


      Anyway, I wonder why the eraser messes up Auto-Blend layers. I even tried moving the new face (I used eraser on) to a new .psd with the same original person and Auto-Blend layers keeps having parts of the transparent background when the faces get auto-blended. How can I fix this?