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    Sharing a Help Project in RH10


      Hi All,


      Two of us at our office are doing documentation in RH.  We are currently using RH9, and - since I have had HORRIBLE experiences with RH and networks in the past - she is literally working off of a completely separate project, and I then import her topic pages and images when she's done with them.  Obviously, this is very tedious.


      I have read that RH10 has made changes that make networking better.  Can anyone tell me if this is true?  Would we both be able to open the same project at the same time?


      Is there any other advice anyone can offer?  (By the way, we do of course have separate licenses of the Tech Comm Suite.)


      Thanks in advance!



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          Jeff_Coatsworth MVP

          Nope - RH10 allows you to have your projects on a network drive, but it still can't have more than 1 person editing the project at the same time. You need to investigate source control for that.

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            RoboColum(n) ACP

            Hi Chris.


            The point of a source control application is to prevent two or more users editing the same file. As you can imagine this could have serious reprocussions. Having said that most source control applications have a merge facility that allows you to merge together two versions of the same file. Again this can be problematic and has to be undertaken with great care.


            I think your current approach is a good solution. Importing topics takes no time at all and as long as one of you is responsible for adding TOC entries, Index keywords, CBTs, etc. it should work well. I should add that whilst RH10 has the ability to run a project on a network, I'll still be nervous of doing so.

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              RoboColum(n) ACP

              BTW your RoboHelp licence includes its own source control application if you don't want to use a third party solution.

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                CKopriva Community Member

                Thank you both.  I read that I should have source control with RH, however when I look under File > Version Control in my project, everything is disabled.  Can't find anything in my program group folder either.


                Do you think that means it wasn't installed with the Tech Comm Suite (I'm on 3.5)?  Or is there something else I need to to do to activate it?


                Thanks again!

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                  RoboColum(n) ACP

                  Chris. That cpuld just be because your project is not version controlled. It could also be that you did not install the RoboSourceControl application when your TCS was installed. You can always go back and install it using the TCS installer. However you'll also need to setup a database for it to use and link the application to it. There are some good links to various articles related to this here.

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                    Jeff_Coatsworth MVP

                    It probably wasn't installed