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    CS6 WMV render settings compared to older versions

    gallion311 Level 1

      Hey what's up guys, did some extensive Google searching, as well as the forums and was surprised I didnt see this topic anywhere else.


      So I'm used to AE7 & CS4 Windows Media settings, which look like this:CS4_WMV.png




      However, when using CS6, the settings are much simpler and don't offer the various advanced settings I'm used to:CS6_WMV.png


      Is there a way to obtain the older settings dialog? Is there just some "Advanced" option I'm missing? I feel like I have to be missing something simple here...


      I have my settings in CS6 maxed out and I'm still getting some compression artifacts, and I feel like my old settings must've had some additional options tweaked.


      *As a small side note, I have seen the "Windows Media 9 Advanced Profile" codec option, but again, that offers nothing in terms additional settings.


      Thanks guys!