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    Why does Indesign say I have missing fonts even though they are in my packaged document?

    memphis pr

      I use CS4 on my pc at work, and always package my files, as I have always done on my mac at home, to keep the links and fonts together so that when I send someone a folder, all of the fonts and images work.  For some reason, the packaged graphic designs (created on a mac) that are being sent to us from our graphic designer, all of my fonts are lost - even after having purchased the main one that we use - Gotham - to prevent this from happening.  This also occurs with any designs that I package and send out to others in our office.  I always have to relink the Gotham fonts, and I cannot retrieve the formatting for the fonts that we don't have, even though they are packaged. 


      We are considering purchasing a mac for me to use in the office, but I'd like to make sure that it is not user error before we proceed.


      Any ideas would be wonderful.  I never had this problem with my mac at home with packaging, and it has me confused and frustrated at work.