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    InDesign converting 100K black to cmyk


      I'm an ad designer for a newspaper, and we often receive ads from clients in pdf format. We then place those in an InDesign (CS3) document to make sure they're properly sized and add any informaton the client wants (local address, etc.) and then export to pdf to be placed onto the pages for the newsroom.


      We have a problem with color pdfs that I just haven't figured out. In Acrobat, the pdf will show black text as 100 K. But when I place the pdf in InDesign, the separations preview will show the text as being a mix of CMYK. In one instance, the client even sent me their Illustrator file, which I opened and made sure all the text was 100 K, but even dropping that Illustrator document into InDesign, the color seperations showed CMYK on the black.


      Here's a pdf in Acrobat:

      Picture 8.png

      And here's the document in InDesign with the black plate turned off:

      Picture 7.png


      For our color settings, we use a cmyk profile sent to us from our printer (a sister paper), and the profile is synced among InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Appearance of Black is set to Display/Output All Blacks Correctly.  Transparency Blend Space is set to Document CMYK. Are there any other settings, in either Acrobat or InDesign we should check?


      With color pdfs, we do usually run them through an Acrobat plugin called Quite a Box of Tricks to convert any RGB to CMYK, but we run into this problem even if we don't put the document through the plugin.


      Thanks for any help