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    Undefined EPS error InDes CS6




      I've just recently had to start working on a PC and for some reason now when I try to copy and paste any object from Illustrator into InDesign (even a simple rectangle!) it comes up with 'EPS Import: Undefined Error' message.


      I've checked my clipboard settings in InDesign and the 'Prefer PDF' box is unchecked. I also looked at the other comments in the forum about this, but they all seemed to be dealing with complex vector files, but mine is simple.


      I used to do this all the time on my mac so I don't understand what's happening. Literally only trying to copy and paste a simple vector shape. It will copy and paste a text box in, but brings it in as some weird rasterised image with a letter or two as separate paths.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!.