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    InDesign CS5 not responding


      I have document size of 55 MB and has 52 pages with text and pictures. But when I try to delete or insert pages the programms stops responding. We have tried to edit this document on different computers (bigger RAM or videocart) but it will bring us to same result.
      How can we resolve this issue? Because this document will be updating annualy.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That size seems large for a .indd file. Does it have a lot of embedded image content or complex pasted vectors?


          The first thing you should try is a Save As to a new file name. This will remove old and useless change data from previous editing. If that is not sufficient to solve the problem, the next step is an export to .idml (see Remove minor corruption by exporting). If that still does not work we're going to need to know your OS before we can tell if there is any kind of error reporting that would be avaialable for diagnosis.