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    How can I get the Use SmartSound button to work?


      When I click on the Music Panel I see the Use SmartSound button at the bottom of the music options. The message I get when I click this button is: "You must first perform a one time installation of SmartSound to use this feature."


      I clicked on this button and did all that I was supposed to do except double-click setup.exe. I found three setup files but not the setup.exe. The SmartSound is, however, on my hard drive but I'm unable to use it. When I click on the button in the Music Panel I keep getting the same message loop.


      I have Adobe Premiere Elements installed on my fairly new computer with Windows 7 OS, 62 bit.


      I would like to get this SmartSound working so that I can complete Lesson 9, Working With Sound, in Classroom in a Book. I've spent about three hours trying to install the program, following all the steps - but no success yet.