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    Constant LocalConnection handle?

    Jared Ivory

      I opened my desktop AIR application, and wanted to let it sit idle to see if there were any memory leaks. I was very pleased to see I feel it runs pretty efficient while open and idle (between crons running its processes).

      I notice however there is a constant Network Event that is firing on every frame. I hover over a specific frame, and it says it's 'Handling LocalConnection traffic'. I let my application do its thing which took about 5-10 seconds, then after sitting idle, I continously get this event firing.

      My application does make several HTTPRequests, gathing data, then uploading other data to my server. But I never use LocalConnection() anywhere.


      I've made sure my local Apache is not running. Is this event normal, or some loose connection somewhere in my application?localConnection.png

      Everything else seems to run very smooth, but this makes me think there is a leak somewhere creating this event.


      Does anyone know what this might be, if it's my AIR application causing an issue or normal behavior?