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    email subscribe link freezes entire page


      Code provided for inclusion 'on your website' for a subscription email system is:


      <a href="mailto:subscriptions@blabla.com?subject=Subscribe">Sign up</a>

      <a href="mailto:subscriptions@blabla.com?subject=Unsubscribe">Remove</a>


      I created a page with a range of other actions and I have a rectangle for each of these buttons.


      When I include this code in the click code and preview the page, not only does it not work - and more than that  - - all other actions on the page wont work any more


      I dont understand what is going on or how this crashes the page so I dont know how to modify it or the proper way to introduce it to the click action.


      I would think it would be trivial but that did not help me figure it out


      Appreciate any suggestions - thanks in advance