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    Flash Player installation issues with Mac OS X

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      We are aware that a number of customers have encountered problems installing Flash Player on OS X.  We apologize for the inconvienience that this has caused and we are actively investigating these issues. 


      To help us track down the underlying problems, we would appreciate those that feel comfortable using the "Terminal" utility please generate and email installer logs to us.  The steps below should walk you through this process:


      1. Mount the Flash Player installer .dmg file
      2. Copy the "Install Adobe Flash Player" file to the desktop or any other preferred directory
      3. Open Terminal and "cd" to the desktop or the other directory
      4. Run the following command in the terminal window: ./Install\ Adobe\ Flash\ Player.app/Contents/MacOS/Install\ Adobe\ Flash\ Player –debug
      5. Once the installation has finished, right click on the the Adobe Flash Player.app file and select "Show Package Contents"
      6. Navigate into the /Contents/MacOS folder
      7. Locate the host.developer.log and installer.developer.log and copy them to the desktop
      8. Navigate into ~/Library/Logs/ and locate the file FlashPlayerInstallManager.log.  Copy this to the desktop.
      9. Zip up all 3 files (host.developer.log, installer.developer.log and FlashPlayerInstallManager.log) and email them to ccampbel@adobe.com



      For those that would just like to get Flash Player installed, please download and install using our installer found here: