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    expire and track usage of a Director projector

    wfzen Level 1

      How can you create a Director projector that expires itself after a certain period of time and to allows the author to know everytime it's used?

      For the first part, I can think of a way to record the date when it's launched the first time. save it as text on user PC. Everytime it launches the projector, it checks that file to know the days. Make it not to function after certain time. It's rather raw as people can change the date of a PC. Maybe it also records the current total days since first time it's used. If it's smaller than the last total days, it knows the date has been tampered. Is there a more sophisticated way to do that?


      I have no idea on he 2nd part.


      Thanks for any suggstions,

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          You might consider requiring an internet connection and using postNetText/getNetText. That way you can have a web server return a value telling the projector whether it's allowed to run or not. No need to worry about users changing times on their local computer and a relatively easy way to track usage. You could use Buddy API to uniquely identify different computers.