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    Fillable forms not working.


      I have fillable forms that I click on from a corprate website and they open fine on my xp machine with IE8. When I open them on my Laptop with win 7  Chrome, Ie9, and firefox. The forms are not fillable and a save button that th maker of the pdf has installed at the end of each page to save the pdf's to there server is also missing. All browsers and adobe are up to date. I tried going back to IE8 but no joy.


      Any Ideas?




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          pwillener Level 8

          If you open an online PDF file directly from the website, where would a Save button save the form to - temporary internet files?  What would be the point of that?


          Better download the PDF to your local disk first, then open it from there.  At least then you know where your data is saved to.

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            Jeremy180 Level 1

            Ok let me give you some more info.


            A company I do business with has a website I log into and they store these fillable pdf. forms. In my xp machine running IE8 I don't have a problem I click on the form it opens in a new tab and it is fillable and the save buttons are present and working. When I do the same thing in my window 7 machine with IE 9 it just gives me a standered form that's not fillable and the save buttoms are missing.


            SAVE BOTTONS


            There are three propritery buttons that the company I do business with has programed into the .pdf


            When I click save. The form is updated on the company server. Nothing is ever saved on my machine beacuse other people have to be able to access theat same form at mutiple locations.


            Here is a screen capture of the bottons that are on the bottom of each page of the .pdf


            Apps on the Web screen capture (2).jpg

            Unfortunley the company I work with said they will not give me any support for something they view as an Adobe or IE9 Problem.


            I changed the compatablity view settings in IE 9, but nothing changed.


            I'm gonna try downgrading my brower to IE 8 and see if that works, but I can't get it to work in Chrome or Firefox either.

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              Jeremy180 Level 1

              Hey I got it working.  It was an IE Issue. I went into developer tools in IE9 and set it to run as IE8 and then put it back to IE9 and now it works.



              Thanks for your time.