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    Hard Drive Setup - which drives to use for what


      So I have decided on buying a segate 7200.14 hard drive (Tell me if this is a bad one, I just saw a bunch of reviews and benchmarks and it is supposed to be one of the fastest), but I'm not sure weather to use it as a scratch disk, a media disk, or an OS disk. Currently I only have one slow, old 500gb drive, which I was going to use to store old media and exports (I don't need to acces projects that I worked on a year ago). I have an external backup drive as well. I was thinking of getting the 7200.14 drive, since it is so fast and cheap and using it for my main drive, but now I'm wondering, would I be better off using it as the scratch drive? I can always wait for my OS and programs and such to load slower, but I'd like stuff inside of the program to be quick. I also don't care much about exports since I'm in no rush to get the work out as quick as I can, and I normally just leave it rendering overnight.




      1.) slow, old 500gb drive

      2.) new, fast 7200.14 drive

      3.) I can possibly buy another drive if it's absolutely necessary, but I have gathered that the third drive is for OS, which I don't need to load quickly at all.


      Which one of these things is most bottlenecked by the hard drive? What should I do with my hard drive setup?




      Also, is the 7200.14 a good drive? Tell me a better one if you think of one. I was thinking of getting the 1tb version but I might get the 3tb version for storage, since its a much better $/gb.