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    Has Adobe blocked uploading to YouTube?

    MissMoppett Level 1

      I have uploaded more than fifty 10 minute videos to YouTube over the past few years but this week I could not (see my other post http://forums.adobe.com/message/5060001#5060001). While Bill Hunt has kindly given me a workround - export whole file out of PE9, then use YouTube uploader - it annoys me that I cannot use the simple Share facility that has worked fine till now.

           Thinking back to what may have altered I can remember when I went to Share this latest video, a new screen emerged from Adobe saying in effect "agree to our monitoring what you upload and reveal your email address." Being of a somewhat cussed nature - though I have of course got a fully paid-up legit version - I said no - which promptly barred me from uploading. So I had no choice but to go back and agree which then allowed me to upload - till 90 minutes later I received the gloomy message that "there had been an error in uploading so please try later." Which I did, several times.

           This morning I tried a 15 sec test clip and lo and behold I had the same "error" message, which leads me to think that could Adobe had slipped a block file onto YouTube preventing me from ever using it, at least direct from PE9?

           Has anyone else suffered this problem? Any thoughts most welcome.

      (If you clever people think it might help to delete and reinstall PE9 then I will).

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To be honest I do not like being controled, get  permission, log in, passwords, accounts etc.

          If I were you just export to a mp4 and upload manually to YT (less change on errors).

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I am totally unaware of any change from the Adobe side of things, but that does not mean that one has not occurred - things do change from time to time. I will contact an Adobe Administrator, to see if he knows of, or can find out about, anything that Adobe is now doing differently.


            The only possible reason for Adobe to become involved in uploading to YouTube, would be if YouTube has applied pressure to Adobe, regarding the uploading of © material, or similar. Again, I have not heard of some new campaign from YouTube either.


            As there have been a few other users lately, who have had difficulty with the direct uploads to YouTube, there might be something else going on. However, in most instances, the users had gone to the "extended accounts," so PrE was unable to upload longer Durations, due to how things were, when PrE (even 11) were written. I rather dismissed things, giving the same instructions that Ann and I offered - Export then upload directly.


            If I can get an official answer from Adobe, I will share that in this thread.


            Good luck,



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              MissMoppett Level 1

              Many thanks to both of you. Most odd.

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                P_Forrest Level 1

                I like to save as an mp4 and upload to YouTube.   Why?


                1.   I can first see how the saved file plays on my own computer as a test

                2.   I can fill in the title, the keywords, the description as the file is uploading.





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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Miss Moppett,


                  I have just heard from Adobe, regarding a change in YouTube, about the first of the year. However, YouTube had supposedly fixed things on their servers, as of mid-January, but maybe not?


                  Are you still experiencing the issue?


                  Thank you for that information, and good luck,