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    SWF displays incorrectly on webserver - works on ALL local mahcines

    big guns uk

      Hi Guys


      I have developed a website using flash and xml. My export folder containts my swf file, html files nad xml config files (plus a numebr of images etc). The export fodler does not have any .fla files etc.


      When running the site locally all works perfecctly, but when trying to run off the web there is text corruption and layout problems. I obviously though it was a pthing issue - so I sent the export folder to a friend (exactly the same contents as what is loaded on the site) and he can laucnh and view the site perfectly - so its not a pathing issue as far as I can see.


      WOuld there be a reason why text is not visible when viewing off the web (but you can click here the text shoudl be - highlight then it suddenly appears). Also where text is located ont he design it has become double sapced ont he web version but not when running locally. I have checked all the permissions to 777 incase of an issue there.


      If it was a pathing issue - why would it work on various other computers when senidng just the export folder (which contains no sub folders at all) it can't be taking anything fromt he root or parent folder as it wouldnt work on the other local machines it has been tested on?


      Please let me know if anyone has any ideas as its really frustrating. I have folowed the logic of sending the output folder to other computers and it works perfectly (remember no subfolders or parent folders so its only looking for local files within the folder)....weird!?




      SCREENSHOTS HERE http://forums.adobe.com/message/5059992#5059992