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    Optimize render time... how ?

    chachachalala Level 1

      Hi everybody


      The story I'm going to tell you is very dramatic.


      I have the following configuration :

      Windows 7 64 bits

      i7- 3770k

      Motherboard : Asus P8Z77-M PRO

      GC : Geforce GTX 660 2GO

      Ram 16 go

      1 SSD 240 go

      1 Seagate barracuda 2TB Sata 3.5 IN 7200T/M


      I precise I use CUDA.


      When I work on a composition a bit complex (for ex : with 1 noise reducer effect), render time are very long. I'd say After Effects take 3 seconds to render 1 frame... It's too long for me. It makes me cry.


      I'd like to know if this time depends on my hardware. If it does, what could you advice me to change within my computer ?

      I precise that when After Effects renders these videos, I open task Manager and I can see that only 3-4 go de ram is used ; and the UC is increased to 30-40% only...


      Can somebody help me ?

      Thank you in advance,




      PS : sorry if there are mistakes in my english, I'm french !