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    A few quirks with opacity settings and text not showing in published content?

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hello all-


      I'm finally tying up the last few loose ends with our "Banner" project and have a few "Quirks".


      I have 4 "main" symbols that are used to make up the banner.  In two of them, there is a "section" of text that does NOT appear when published to the web, although they appear OK in the Edge timeline and play correctly there as well.

      Then, also in two of the symbols, I have text where the opacity is supposed to go from 100% to 0% to fade out.  No matter how many times I've tried to redo it, the opacity reaches 0% about 1/3 of the way through the 3/4 second fade, then jumps back to 25% before going back down to 0% - very strange!


      Here are the times these quirks appear in the banner:


      18:500 - 19:000  -  "Develop" symbol - 5th item in the "list" text does not show when published.

      19:500 - 20:225  -  "Develop" symbol - The first of the  opacity "jumps".

      27:225 - 28:000  -  "Develop" symbol - Another opacity "jump".

      28:250 - 29:250  -  "Develop" symbol - Text line does not show in published version.

      40:000 - 41:500  -  "Deploy" symbol - Another opacity "jump".


      Here's theURL of the published site:  http://higherpowered.com/edge/index_v2.html


      And here's the published files link: https://creative.adobe.com/share/8730b824-0127-4f9a-b8f8-0b5da917eca4


      Thanks for any help!