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    Gridulator & Variable Grid System

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      I'm designing a website in Photoshop. I'm going to have someone put my desigin into CSS later. Regarding Photoshop, should I stay within the guidelines of my Gridualtor template,

      or stay within the guidelines of the Variable Grid System that adds a margin on each side? I would like to keep the max width of my site at 960px.


      Gridulator.com (my template for Photoshop?)


      Overall width: 936px

      Number of Columns: 12

      Gutter width: 24px

      Column width: 56px





      http://grids.heroku.com (CSS / Variable Grid System)


      Column width: 56px

      Number of Columns: 12px

      Gutter width: 24px


      Content width: 936px

      Full width: 960px