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    Large Font and Tool Tips-Bug?

    laurie@cn Level 1

      I'm having a problem with my eyes today, so I went into the Interface option in Preferences to change the Font size to Large. Barely noticeable difference. Is there some other way to increase the font by editing some file manually? Plus, in the Large Font, tool tips no longer work--except strangely for the Panels toolbar. And even those tips appear to be in the "Medium" size font - not that there seems to be much difference in size, as I said. I'm mostly used to the the interface, but apparently I rely on those tool tips more than I thought to find stuff. If I switch back to medium, the tool tips show up correctly. And, yes, I exit PS and re-enter each time I change the settings - which is a PITA and something most software no longer has to do.  ;-)


      Running Windows 7 x64

      13.1.2 extended Created Cloud version of Photoshop


      Any assistance is most appreciated.