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    deployed project different than Edge project on screen


      Back again :-)


      I've been working today on taking the project I've been working on and changing most of the elements to percentages so the project also works well on a tablet.


      I've got most parts "changed over" but now am seeing a different problem.


      I'm working on the "main content" of the project; not touching any of the "symbols" that are in it.  In fact, I have all the "symbols" that appear in the project "locked down".


      Yet, when I upload the project to the web, I'm seeing a problem with the second symbol that plays in the banner (which I'm not touching at all).  It looks as if there is an item on the timeline that is "blocking" part of the symbol from playing.  You can see it happening here, about 5 seconds into the animation in the banner:




      This is not showing on the Edge stage but is showing in the "Edge preview" in the browser (clicking command return on a mac, not the "published" part).


      Since what I've been working on is on the "bottom" of the page and I have not touched the "symbols", I'm baffled as to what happened.  Playing the "symbol" by itself, all is fine.


      I can upload a zip file in a bit if anyone has the time to take a look that would be great but since the file shows fine in Edge, I'm at a loss as to what to do :-)