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    Apply para style to xml element based on master page type?

    Altper Level 1

      Im using an xml workflow, im importing the xml to be used across different master page templates and i want to apply different paragraph styles to xml elements depending on what master page they are on…


      So i've got 3 master pages set up


      Page type 1

      Page type 2

      Page type 3


      and 3 paragraph styles

      style 1

      style 2

      style 3


      I've got the same xml structure dropped onto every page…


          <name>Page one</name>



      So, can i use javascript to apply the paragraph style (style 1) to the xml element (name) on any page that is using the master page (Page type 1)


      Is this possible? and if so how might this be achieved?


      thanks in advance