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    Discontinuity between clips and playback window?


      I'm not too experienced with Adobe Premiere Pro, but I've been using it on-and-off for a few years now and only recently encountered this problem.


      My clips are becoming altered in the Timeline Playback (or Sequence) window. The video clips will appear normal in the left-hand Source window; however, when I drop them on the timeline, they become distorted in the Sequence window.


      Originally, it was just a size issue: when I dropped a clip into the timeline, it would appear in the Sequence window blown-up to about twice its regular size. I have the window settings on "Fit" and I'm using video clips from the same source camera I have always used without problem. I have been rectifying this by scaling down each video clip in the "Effects Control".


      Now, the clips are appearing darker or underlit once they are dropped on the timeline.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!