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    Best Bitrate settings for laptop DVD play?

    Dan 101 Level 1

      This is a question about what encoding bitrate settings are best when customers will play DVDs on laptops as well as DVD players.  I've been using variable bitrate encoding and settings of min 2.8, target 5 and max 6 and that seems to work well on the test laptops I'm using. However, the slowest is a pentium 4, which is faster than some of the older laptops still in use.  I just read that using a constant bitrate will make it easier for a wide range of players to accept a DVD because the device (or software) has to make fewer calculations when playing the DVD.  I've been using VBR because it was recommended for higher quality when transferring HD to SD.


      I make educational DVDs that are sometimes played by teachers on laptops.  Any suggestions on the best compromise settings that will maintain decent quality and still make it as easy as possible for a range of laptops to play the finished DVD? 


      In Adobe CS5, I'm currently encoding from 1080p HD to SD from Permiere to Encore using these settings in the media encoder:


      Format: MPEG2-DVD

      PRESET: NTSC Progressive Widescreen High Quality

      Maximum Render Quality

      VBR 2 pass

      Minimum bit rate: 2.8

      Target bitrate 5

      Maximum bitrate 6


        1. M frames 3
        2. N frames 15

      Audio preset of 48 kh and PCM 16 bit

      Multiplexing = NONE


      The quality on the finished DVDs looks quite good. I understand CBR will degrade the quality some.  I thought I'd get some input and suggested settings before burning tests using CBR.  Is it even worth it to burn CBR at the bitrate settings I'm using?


      Finally, I will have the DVDs professionally replicated.