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    Alter the "Dynamic Interactive Purchase Order" example


      In the Sample files, there´s a fantastic form called the "Dynamic Interactive Purchase Order". This form worked perfectly for me, but now I need to change something. Instead of the "Quantity" field, I need the user to make a choice out of 4 options. The Unit Price then automatically should change as well, depending on the option the user choose ofcourse.


      For example, the Part.No dropdown lists consists of 4 types of t-shirts: blue, red, white and black. All have a standard description (their colour), and a basic price. Now I want to change the Quantity field into a field with 4 radiobuttons, let´s say the size of the shirt: S, M, L and XL. That particular button should have a description as well. And ofcourse, the unit price should change with it.


      It should look something like this:



      Part No. (dropdown) DescriptionSizeDescription Price
      BlueA nice blue t-shirtSYou´re a small person!$15
      RedWow, my favorite colour!XLIsn´t it time to go on a diet?$30
      RedWow, my favorite colour!MNice size$20
      BlackBack to BlackMNice size$20


      Is there anyone with the knowledge and a few minutes to spare to help me out here? I really don´t see it, and I´m getting pretty frustrated with that