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    w7x64 OS build & optimizing for cs6....

    Neal Reiland Level 1



      I just built a lga 2011 system (i7 3930, gtx 660ti, 32 gb, Samsung 830 256GB ssd). I am working on getting the system best setup and optimized for cs6 master collection.


      My first build went like this:

      1. Win7x64

      2. mobo drivers

      3. nVidia driver from website

      4. SP1

      5. Firewall -- block everything besides my browsers from the net

      6. cs6

      7. run Studio 1 CUDA hack SW for Prem & AE

      8. corelDraw6 Maya/Max & other graphics sw

      9. ms office

      10. portable apps (browsers, burners, media players ect)


      Now I am beginning to realize that I should have installed quicktime before I installed cs6? I don't like quicktime, can I install the codecs somehow w/o the sw? Any substitutes? Do I need to ug my directX? Are there other codecs I should install. Is the anything I need to do to make other cs6 Apps see my hardware?


      I am going to do a second build to take care of a few probs I had & get a cleaner build, I appreciate any advice for setting up a system for cs6.