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    Tracking placed files (jpeg,tiff,word,PDF,excel)


      It was recommended to ask this here vs bridge - not much luck in bridge. The situation: i have multiple sources sending a variety of files (jpeg,tiff,word,PDF,and excel). As the book is designed many of them will be placed. As long as the sources update with the same name im good. However, they will inevitably send me batches of files containing new files - how can I track what has been placed and what hasn't. I will have multiple folders to organize the chaos. One thing bridge helped with: keyword. I can quite easily assign a placed keyword in bridge, filter using that word and im done. Except for word and excel - metadata doesn't take. Someone explained this to me.


      The sources are out of country, so i have to track this. Bridge takes care of 90%. Perhaps someone has dealt with this. Again, if someone adds a new photo without calling it out, keyword work. Its the Microsoft documents that get tricky. In advance, i appreciate our time.