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    CPU temp question

    James G Maker Level 1

      Recently the max core temps have been climbing when crunching video with P-pro.  Is this a little high?  I'm only using the turbo in the p8p76pro bios.


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               While your CPU temperatures are within safe limits, they are definitely on the high side.  One of the problems with using the automatic overclocking features (i.e. the "turbo" setting) of most motherboards is they increase the voltage by more than what is necessary.  To give you an idea, I used to have an i5-2500k (same type of CPU as yours, just without hyper-threading) on Asus motherboard that was manually overclocked to 4.3 Ghz.  My max CPU VCORE was 1.28 volts.  As you can see by your screenshot, your VCORE is approaching 1.37 volts.  The more voltage the CPU uses, the more heat it generates; hence, this is why your CPU temps are on the high side.  My advice to you would be to manually overclock the CPU (turn off “turbo” and change the setting yourself).  You have a great chance of increasing your CPU’s speed while still decreasing your temperatures.  I'm not to certain how familiar you are with overclocking, but fortunately you are not alone in this endeavor.  It just so happens there is a great guide and thread about overclocking your Sandy Bridge CPU on Asus P8P67 series motherboards over on another forum.  It was created by an Asus technical support employee, so the information definitely has credibility.  The link is http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1578110  I hope this helps.





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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            Since you imply that the temps have climbed recently, have you cleaned your fans and heatsinks?  I does not take long to build up an accumulation of dust which would cause a gradual temperature rise. If it is a overnight rise maybe a fan has quit.

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              James G Maker Level 1

              The last time I ran the program crunching similar video (kids bball game to vimeo format) the temp hit 75c a week ago. 


              I don't think a fan has quit as it shows fan speeds on the HW screenshot.  I haven't kept tabs on these speeds though.


              I'll try and haul the tower out to the shop and blow out the dust.


              Briefly checked the overclocking link from above.  Looks like a well detailed guide.  Wish it had black font on white background.

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                James G Maker Level 1

                After giving my computer an enema, I ran another video crunching session last night.  My temps came down to a max of 72c running @ 4.4m.


                Is this still a little too high?

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  That 72°C is very good if that is under full load, some people run to the 80's and if you really mean 4.4 GHz!  Now it is up to me to perform a cleaning on my editing machine.