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    update text area with bindable var

      Hi - I am new to flex - must be missing something easy. I am building a widget with two view states, a default state and an "infoState" - on the infoState view I have a text area set with a variable like this:

      <mx:TextArea htmlText="{protocolText}"/>

      ... when I display the viewstate at runtime, the text area shows the expected text. But then when I change the value of the variable protocolText programatically, the TextArea displayed does not change! Is there a different way to do it?


      [Bindable] private var protocolText:String = "NONE";

      [Bindable] private var protocolCount:Number = 100

      public function setProtocolText():void
      protocolCount = protocolCount + 1;
      protocolText = protocolCount.toString();

      <mx:State enterState="{setProtocolText()}" name="{'infoState'}" >
      <mx:RemoveChild target="{buttonBox}" />
      <mx:TextArea borderThickness="0" top="100" width="508" height="300" htmlText="{protocolText}"/>

      <mx:HBox id="buttonBox" width="508" height="309">
      <mx:Canvas width="508" height="309" backgroundColor="#eaeaea">
      <mx:Button id="manaul update" label="{protocolText}" click="{setProtocolText()}" x="447.5" y="270"/>