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    adjust easing options


      Hi! I love the easing options, but is it possible to finte tune those? For example I use the bounce easing for a pin falling from top onto a map and then stuck at its destination. The bounce effect looks so real, but since the pin is not that high, it bounces into the ground too deep. Is there a way to adjust the bounce-curve??



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          dhosford Employee Moderator

          Hi there,


            At this time, there isn't a functionality in Edge Animate to fine-tune your Easing options, however, you can add keyframes for your Y positioning in the same animation with the easing and then manually adjust the property value from there.


            Just scrub to the point in your timeline in which the pin falls below the map, click the Add Keyframe button next to Y in the Properties panel, and adjust the value to have the pin land on the map.


          I hope this helps! Let me know if you need further clarification!

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            klausdps Level 1