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    Adobe Premiere Elements 8 - Cropping Dimensions Change After Sharing/Exporting


      My video is a complete, but when I try to share or export it for playback on my PC, the crop dimenisons are wrong. In the preview window, it looks perfectly fine, but when I share/export it, the crops are incorrect.


      For this part of my video, I have two video games displayed on splitscreen, in the preview window both videos completely fill up the screen, and there are no black lines in the center or around the edges. However, if I share/export the video, the final result looks like this:




      This happens to EVERY crop effect I have used on my video, and I'm not sure how to fix it. I've tried sharing/exporting it as different types of formats, and strangely enough the only file format that actually did the cropping effect correctly on the final product was .avi, but the resolution and quality are dreadful.


      Any help on how to make the cropping in my preview window look the same as the shared/exported video is appreciated! 


      Here are my Project Settings: